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To support the policy for development of regenerative medicine industry

To formulate the strategy to meet the rapidly changing environments of global stem cell & regenerative medicine

To raise the efficiency of R&D investment

To figure out and present the basis for securing government budget for stem cell research


Strategies to reinvigorate R&D and the industry in stem cell & regenerative medicine

We provide policy support for the development of regenerative medicine industry.

We identify obstacles and find solutions for commercialization of stem cell & regenerative medicine technologies.

We draw up Technology Roadmap related to diseases in stem cell & regenerative medicine, thereby fostering the development and commercialization of globally competitive products that can resolve medical unmet needs.

We provide guideline for national investment in regenerative medicine industry.

We analyze R&D performance, technology competitiveness and prepare investment portfolio.

We propose measures to invigorate clinical research activities, and help expand its utilization by clinicians.

Strategies to reinvigorate the industry

We build a healthy industrial ecosystem by providing solutions to overcome political issues.

We intensively support the technology with industrial competitiveness, and establish system for industrial infrastructure development.

We investigate and analyze the policies/regulations in other countries, and benchmark successful cases of leading overseas

Outreach Program

We establish an information platform to improve the public understanding of the field and its potential to transform human healthcare.

We try to improve the public awareness regarding stem cell & regenerative medicine, and secure the support from
the public.

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